Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Steel is ready for inspection

Bay window footing forms and steel for the depot slab.

Report and photo by Dennis Casebier

Craig Merriam with his crew arrived here before 7:15 AM. General contractor Dan Cordova was also here this morning. Here's a summary of the work done today;

The "steel" is in place and ready for concrete to be delivered. It looks good. Craig expects to call for about three 10-yard trucks Thursday and maybe five or more on Friday. He'll have the normal crew of three or four here Thursday but maybe even one extra on Friday. Of course Craig will be out here Thursday and Friday. I get the impression all our concrete may be poured this week.

Gus Lind was here all day providing contact backup with Craig and for awhile with Dan Cordova while we had appointments in town.

I'll be interfacing with the building inspector tomorrow. It appears everyone has done their homework so we don't expect any issues.

John E. Masterson from Rinker Materials of Mohave Valley was here this afternoon. He and Craig went over the ground and the approaches the concrete trucks are to use. Gus will is firing up the tractor late this afternoon to smooth out two of the approaches the concrete trucks will have to use.

We are grateful Gus was here today. He was out on the grounds most of the day interfacing with Craig and Dan.

It was cold and windy in Goffs today. Even colder and windier in Bullhead City.