Monday, December 3, 2007

Grading for the Library pad begins

Report by Dennis Casebier

7:00 AM
A big truck pulling a trailer with the tractor on board has arrived. It is out on Lanfair Road and the tractor is being unloaded. Sam and Mike supervising. Something is about to happen. Overnight low in low 30s but not freezing. Looks clear out today.

9:00 AM
It is happening! Those boys are out there moving dirt. Because of the recent rains, the soil is perfect. All us local Goffians are out there standing around ... there is a smile on every face ... there is excitement in the air. There is a sense that something of importance is underway! Like when the Route 66 House came up from Essex and when we started on restoration of the Schoolhouse. We are embarked on something of the greatest importance. Sam mentioned that general contractor Dan Cordova will be out some time today.

12:00 Noon
The pad is coming together nicely. The soil is perfect, thanks to two days of rain. When do we get two days of rain back-to-back coming down slowly enough that it soaks in instead of running off? Must be a good sign. Everything is very positive around here. Everyone can see something is going to happen. That beautiful and distinctive building is going to rise up out of the desert.