Sunday, August 4, 2013

Auto Trail to be built to the Grand Canyon

Judge J. M. Lowe
The past 100 years
Santa Fe New Mexican

August 4, 1913: This is a message brought from Judge J.M. Lowe, president of the National Old Trails [Road] Association, and vice-president of the National Highways Association — two powerful organizations which are going to build a highway right through Santa Fe, on to the Grand Canyon and to the coast: “When this great transcontinental road is built, Santa Fe will take on new life. It will be the greatest tourist route in all the world. From Trinidad down through the Glorietas, up through Santa Fe, and on to the Grand Canyon, will be a road the like of which cannot be found in either hemisphere. …

“The roads from Santa Fe leading out to the numberless places of interest ought to be improved so as to hold the tourist as long as possible. Santa Fe is superior in climate, in scenery and in historic interest to anything in Southern California, and yet the tourists have enriched California beyond the dreams of avarice.”