Thursday, May 29, 2008

Let there be light!

Report by Dennis Casebier

Yesterday evening after dark, we looked over towards the Library/Depot and beheld a wonderful thing - it was lighted up!The electrician had gone home and turned the outside lights on - there's a lamp by each door.

Jo Ann and I went over to turn the lights out. Of course we walked all around the building turning other lights on. They all work! And what wonderfu light it is. We're going to have really good light to work by.

This morning I had the pleasure of showing a reporter from the Needles Desert Star through the building. It "shows" very well.

Then at about noon today, Hugh and Carol Brown showed up so we got to go play with the lights again. It appears the building is fully electrified. All the electrician will have to come back for is to hook up the outdoor A/C units when they get installed.

Next is making arrangements to get the security system completed, install the cabinets in the lounge, install the flooring, and lay the concrete flat work around the building.

There is light in the end of the tunnel!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Flourescent light fixtures are up

Report by Dennis Casebier

Two electricians were here much of today. Jo Ann and I inspected progress later in the day. The flourescent light fixtures are up in most places. The "on/off" wall switches seemed to be mostly in place. At least one wall plug was "hot" as there was a glow light illuminated at the end of an extension cord. The building is coming to life and is expected to be pretty much electrified by the day-after-tomorrow.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Electrical fixture installation begins

Report by Dennis Casebier

Fred Compton the electrician arrived this morning at about 9:00 AM. He says he plans to be here through Thursday and sometime during that period he'll "power up" the new building. The electrical will be mostly done then except for a quick trip out after the lounge cabinets and the air conditioning are installed.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Quiet week and rain

Report by Dennis Casebier

No work on the Library/Depot the last couple of days. Next week should be exciting. I'm understanding the electrician will be back to install the fixtures, and then we'll be able to power up! Things are moving along.

We did have a special blessing today in the form of RAIN! It has been cloudy for a couple of days and the air got especially cool last night. It looked like rain all day and then we had thunder and lightning beginning at about 3:15 PM.

We closed the breakers on the deep well pumps to lessen the chance of damage to them. Then here came the rain. It was a nice little rain; I would guess at least a quarter and maybe a half inch. It was over in about half an hour. First rain we've had since January, I think.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Painters finishing up

Report by Dennis Casebier

Painter Brandon Bates and at least two of his workers in two pickups arrived at 7:30 AM this morning. Brandon says they'll be here today and tomorrow and then gone until the floors are down and the baseboards are installed. Then they'll come back to touch up the baseboards.

Looks like another hot day.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Roof braces and painters

Report and photos by Dennis Casebier

The painters have been here all week. They plan to finished the major interior work by this coming Monday. They have finished three coats (one primer and two finish coats) on the entire inside. They are working on detail work now.

After next Monday they'll have to come back one time to do touch up on the base boards after the floors are laid. The painting crew, under Brandon Bates, includes the following: Steve Pout, Gary Davenport, Larry Davis, David Therrian, Richard Hernandez, Kevin Sperbeck, and Marco Rodriquez.

Dan Cordova's crew has been here several days mostly installing the braces on the roof overhangs, a feature that gives the building part of its distinctive appearance.

With the painting done, the electrician may be back this coming week to install all the fixtures. Then we can "power up."

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Roof braces installed

Report and photos by Dennis Casebier

The painters are here. They got the first of two finish coats applied on the interior of the Library/Depot.

Mr. Cordova was here with a small crew this morning and into the afternoon. He won't be back personally now until early next week, but his crew will continue working on the roof braces.

Warm here today - we hit 100 degrees on the front porch. No wind this morning but it came up this afternoon.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Interior painting prep work

Report and photos by Dennis Casebier

The paint crew has been at work preparing the interior of the Library/Depot for painting. They haven't started painting yet. They're just getting ready.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Trimming the windows

Report by Dennis Casebier

General Contractor Dan Cordova and crew arrived early this morning and have been out there working in the building all day.

They have trim around the windows, the wainscot, or chair rail, in place in the fist floor of the depot, and much of the crown molding is installed.

Mr. Cordova reports they plan to be here through Friday and have the interior ready for painting, which should commence the beginning of next week.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Door hardware and trim installed

Report and photos by Dennis Casebier

After a break of a couple of weeks, general contractor Dan Cordova and his crew of four are back early this morning on the job. They labored much of the day putting trim on doors, installing some new doors, and installing door knobs, etc. They left this afternoon returning to Yucca Valley.

Also, they are installing moulding around windows and doors and crown moulding around the top of the walls in some rooms. This will prepare the building for interior painting. They'll be back tomorrow. Their goal is to have the interior ready for painting which could begin a week from today.

Beautiful day today. The temperature was about 80 degrees with very little wind.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Water pressure system installed

Report and photo by Dennis Casebier

Tim and Alfonzo of Eagle Well Drilling and Pump Service showed up at 7:30 AM this morning and were here all day. They finished up at almost dark this evening. The pressure tank and booster pump system is completely installed.

A decision was made to reduce the number of pressure tanks from four to three. This was mainly due to the amount of space in the Pump House. Then, there was a mishap towards the end of the installation.

The system was fully pressurized when a union gave way inside the Pump House and Wooooosh! All of the water from the pressure tanks was released into the Pump House. Quite a mess. It took them a couple of hours to recover from that.

Looking forward, it is anticipated that general contractor Dan Cordova and his subconractors will recommence work on the Library/Depot this coming week.