Thursday, May 29, 2008

Let there be light!

Report by Dennis Casebier

Yesterday evening after dark, we looked over towards the Library/Depot and beheld a wonderful thing - it was lighted up!The electrician had gone home and turned the outside lights on - there's a lamp by each door.

Jo Ann and I went over to turn the lights out. Of course we walked all around the building turning other lights on. They all work! And what wonderfu light it is. We're going to have really good light to work by.

This morning I had the pleasure of showing a reporter from the Needles Desert Star through the building. It "shows" very well.

Then at about noon today, Hugh and Carol Brown showed up so we got to go play with the lights again. It appears the building is fully electrified. All the electrician will have to come back for is to hook up the outdoor A/C units when they get installed.

Next is making arrangements to get the security system completed, install the cabinets in the lounge, install the flooring, and lay the concrete flat work around the building.

There is light in the end of the tunnel!