Saturday, January 20, 2007

Desert tortoise exclusion enclosure survey

Report and photo by Chris Ervin

Wildlife biologist Larry Sip checks GPS coordinates while performing the survey of the desert tortoise exclusion fence surrounding the Library/Depot building site. The fence is designed to ensure no tortoises wander into the construction zone and therefore keeps them out of harm's way. This survey by a qualified biologist fulfills a County requirement for compliance with our conditional use permit and the state environmental quality act.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Well casing cleaned out

From the Mojave Road Report

The well drillers came back today for just a day. It was cold and windy and we didn't know it then but the great cold snap of 2007 was on its way. They got the casing blown out and declared we have good water well. Then they cleaned up and took some of their equipment back to Newberry Springs.

Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Well bottom reached

From the Mojave Road Report

After a long break, Eagle Well Drilling was back on the job starting today through January 8. There was a lot of wind and cold weather while they were here, but they managed to get to the bottom and have the casing installed.

We had planned to go down to 850 feet, but at 835 feet or so we were at solid rock. It wasn't likely the quality of the well could beimporved by going deeper, so we called a halt.

The casing is set at 830 feet. Water typically stands at 560 feet in Goffs, so we are into plenty of water.