Saturday, December 30, 2006

Desert tortoise fence erected

From the Mojave Road Report

The following volunteers worked on erecting desert tortoise exclusion fence around building sites at the Goffs Cultural Center; Chris Ervin, Leslie Ervin, Don Johnson, Tom Smith, Harry Ridge, John Harrington, and Phil Motz,

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Cultural resources survey conducted

Report by Chris Ervin
Photo by Dennis Casebier

Archaeologists Russell L. Kaldenberg, MA and Judyth E. Reed, MA, walked the entire site to identify cultural resources which might occur on the footprint of the new library.

The site was intensively walked, zigzagging back and forth, looking for anything that might be over 50 years of age. The grounds were found to be neat and tidy and no scrap of any trash, debris, or negligent waste was expected.

The survey produced predictable results. No archaeological or historical materials were found within the footprint of the building site. No materials were found in any of the construction zones or laydown areas, which are adjacent to the footprint of the building, but adjoin the area to be disturbed.

No mitigation measures were recommended as there were no cultural resources, either prehistoric or historic, in or near the footprint of the building site.

This survey fulfills a County requirement for compliance with our conditional use permit and the state environmental quality act.