Monday, October 28, 2013

Storefront windows going in at El Garces

Work continues on the El Garces intermodal transportation facility project, as reflected in this picture taken June 22. Window installation should begin any day. (JENNIFER DENEVAN/Needles Desert Star)

Needles Desert Star

NEEDLES — The pace may appear slow, but it’s quickening in regards to the El Garces intermodal transportation facility project.

Cindy Semione, project committee member, said the city’s been given a three week look-ahead to what work will be happening. There is plenty that will be happening, she continued.

Installation of the storefront windows should begin in early November, she said. Construction crews will also be working on sill fabrications. The fire alarm system is planned for next week, she added.

Stucco is an ongoing process, Semione said. Framing is also being completed and will continue. Crews are essentially recreating walls, she added.

Semione said air conditioning is also being installed. Robinson Electric is completing all the electrical work.

Craig Plumbing will do the plumbing work, Semione said. They are waiting on the plumbing fixtures before anything can be done.

The schedule is subject to change, she said, but it’s anticipated this portion of the project will be completed by the end of November. Once those items are completed, the interior will be worked on, Semione said.

Tammy Ellmore, of the city engineering department, said painting will be done and lights will be installed next.

More concrete work is also needed.

The parking lot on the west side of the building will also be completed, Ellmore said. The anticipated completion date for the El Garces is the end of March.

Semione said the city has managed to take the money awarded and maximize what could be done.

While the project being completed wasn’t what was originally planned, getting something done with the El Garces is still a success, she continued.

She said the El Garces is the foundation of economic development for the city.

The completed project will encourage more visitors to come to Needles and when that happens, there will be more traffic in the city and that encourages more money to be spent in the city, she concluded.