Thursday, January 31, 2008

Nicer day

Report by Dennis Casebier

The workers showed up just before 7:00 AM this morning. It was 28 degrees on the front porch at 6:30 AM with a light wind starting. Poor working conditions were anticipated, but later it turned into a gorgeous day with very little wind and 60 degrees.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Wrapping, wrapping...

Report by Dennis Casebier

Cordova's crew arrived at a bit before 7:00 AM this morning. The temperature on the front porch just before that was 35 degrees with a stiff breeze blowing out of the northeast -- that old winter wind. So working conditions were difficult today.

The crew continued to wrap the building and put siding in place.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Wrapping and painting

Report and photo by Dennis Casebier

It was 28 degrees on the front porch at 6:30 AM, but no wind.

Two vehicles of workers came in at 6:47 AM and continued what they started yesterday, which is to wrap the building and begin installation of the siding.

By 11:00 AM it got up to about 50 degrees, bright and sunny with very little wind! So it was a great improvement over yesterday's terrible wind.

In the afternoon with little wind and improved temperatures, a couple of the work crew began spray-painting the fascia boards and under the eaves. It looks like they are doing two coats; first a base white and then the Yuma Gold. It's looking good.

We were favored with a nice day today.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Wrapping the building

Report and photo by Dennis Casebier

It was 34 degrees with no wind on the front porch at 6:30 AM and by 7:35 it was pretty sunny. Some scattered clouds. No rain since yesterday morning.

The first contractor vehicle arrived at about 6:50 AM followed by a second one pulling the tool trailer 25 minutes later. I think I forgot to mention before that they took the tool trailer away with them when they left Thursday of last week.

I chatted with Contractor Cordova while they were "wrapping" the building. Once that is completed the crew plans to start putting on siding. They hope to have the siding in place this week. Also, Dan said he'll be bringing out a paint sprayer tomorrow morning and they'll spray paint under the eves. I took note of one worker up on the stairs this morning.

I asked if they planned to be here all week and he said yes. Then he added that he planned be here next week also and in fact to stick with it until it is completed.

A strong cold wind came up out of the northeast this afternoon. It is a miserable wind and I don't know how Dan and his crew are able to work against it. The temperature reached a good 50 this afternoon but the wind was so strong the chill factor must really reduced the comfort level.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Construction of the stairs has begun

Report and photos by Dennis Casebier

A quick update on the Library/Depot. I see the "plywood" sheeting completely covers the roofs. Also many windows have been installed. Dan Cordova told Jo Ann he would have done more but ran out of tar paper.

Also the framers have commenced construction of the stairs that will provide access to the second story of the Depot. The landing at the top is in place and some of the supporting structure.

The framers are not due to be back until Tuesday.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Fascia goes on the second story

Report and photo by Dennis Casebier

The temperature on our front porch was 28 degrees at 6:30 AM and 32 degrees at 8:20 AM. It was bright and sunny with just a little breeze, although that could increase. Earlier there wasn't any breeze.

The framing team arrived at 6:27 AM. The Genie lift was up at the edge of the roof of the second story so the fascia board could be attached to the end of the rafters.

They may try to get the sheeting over the Depot roof today, but it'll depend upon whether they can get it up before any strong wind develops.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Electrical wiring has been pulled

Report and photos by Dennis Casebier

Sacrifices in the face of adversity are becoming commonplace around here.

By the terms of our agreement for construction of the Library/Depot, we are required to run an adequate power line up into the new structure. After that, General Contractor Cordova is responsible for electrifying the building.

As those of you who are following this project know, we arranged with Southern California Edison for a 400 amp service for the new building. This was accomplished last year through a major effort on the part of our own director-electrician Phil Motz and the assistance of several other volunteers. The 400 amp service was brought in and is at the ready in a new Power House that was constructed by our volunteers.

The immediate remaining challenge was to get that power conveyed underground from the Power House some 200+ feet to the Library/Depot building. This past week Gail Andress came over from Nelson, Nevada and used our backhoe to dig a ditch for the required 2" conduit line. Phil Motz and others laid the conduit and then the ditch was covered.

The final task was to get three strands of "000" power line and a smaller ground line through the conduit. Phil laid his plans carefully for this but got skunked by the severe weather Thursday and Friday of this past week. It was just too cold and windy. Not only that, but we are up against a time schedule because Phil is poised to return to Indiana this coming week.

So, taking advantage of a bit of softening in the temperature and wind, Phil and his crew tackled the job today. In addition to Phil, his team consisted of; Gus Lind, Morris Swain, Dorothy Beal, Bob Beal, and Hugh Brown. Working aginst difficult odds and adverse weather the job was accomplished today.

If you go out there to the new Library/Depot building, you'll see the wires coming out into the building right where they are supposed to be. Then, walk a couple of hundred feet to the Power House, where the 400 amps are just waiting to be put to work, there's the other end of the wires.

Much credit goes to this crew and especially Phil who designed the whole thing, procured the conduit and wire, and organized and supervised the team that saw it through. The wire was laid in the best spirit of the Friends of the Mojave Road and the Mojave Desert Heritage & Cultural Association at no cost to the MDHCA except possibly for the materials.

The job is done. That's the bottom line. There'll be no holdup now. The subcontractor in charge of electricals can step right up and finish the job and electrify the building at the appropriate time in the construction cycle.

Three cheers for Phil Motz and his wire pullers!

Friday, January 18, 2008

Slow progress in the face of the wind

Report by Dennis Casebier

The day looked promising at 6:30 AM when I went out on the front porch. The temperature was 32 degrees and no wind.

Cordova and his crew showed up at about 7:00 AM and I figured they would be able to finish the detail on the rafters over the second story of the Depot and get the layer of sheeting on it. It didn't work out that way.

Within an hour the wind began to come up and pretty soon it was a strong wind -- a regular old winter gale out of the northeast. And it blew all day.

The framers were out there in the rafters working on details but understandably there was no attempt to handle sheets of plywood in that wind. The result is that the sheeting didn't get put up. The crew knocked off early and were gone for the weekend before 2:00 PM. It was just too cold and windy.

Likewise, Phil Motz had a crew all lined up to pull wire through the conduit from the Library/Depot to the power shed. But it was too cold and windy for that also. Hopefully the weather will be more cooperative tomorrow and Phil can get the wire pulled.

Of course we won't see Cordova & Co. now until Monday. Under the circumstances I feel they are making good progress.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Second story rafters are in place

Report and photo by Dennis Casebier

The wind blew hard all night and the temperature dropped to about 27 degrees. There was a full inch of ice on the bird water this morning with the wind still blowing a gale.

I figued Cordova & Co. wouldn't come at all. But a little after 7:00 AM, when I looked up from my computer, I saw the truck had shown up and men moving around. I doubted they could work in that cold and wind chill. Nasty, nasty weather.

The workers stood on top of the Depot section looking like they were going to try to do the rafters. But then they thought better of that and moved inside the new building to paint the siding that was just delivered yesterday.

The wind began dying down after lunch and by about 1:00 PM it had faded enough that the Cordova Crew ceased their painting project and went back outside to finish the rafters over the second story of the Depot section.

That work is now done. All of the rafters are in place and the final appearance of that part of the Goffs skyline is taking shape. I expect, if the wind doesn't come up too bad tomorrow they'll get the plywood covering over that part of the roof. The sun came out (although filtered) late in the afternoon.

Good thing we got done what we did yesterday. Phil had hoped to pull wire today.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Electrical conduit trench completed to Library

Report and photos by Dennis Casebier

This has been quite a day. The weather was bitter cold all day with a strong wind out of the northeast. Everyone out there was bundled up and still had to brave the cold.

Messrs. Cordova & Co. started work on time, but they knocked off at about noon as it was considered unsafe to work on the rafters in the wind and cold.

In spite of the weather, Gail Andress showed up on time and spent much of the day digging the trench for the electrical conduit that will carry power to the new Library/Depot. Phil Motz was out there directing the effort with Bob Beal and Morris Swain assisting.

The ditch was dug, the conduit laid, and the ditch covered back up. It is planned that Phil, assisted by Gus Lind, will be stringing the wire through the conduit tomorrow.

Meanwhile, this morning a delivery truck brought more materials, including the corrugated siding for the sides of the Freight House, lumber for trim, and other supplies.

Two San Bernardino County building inspectors were at the construction site early this morning for the "nail/shear" inspection. They checked the construction over carefully and we passed with flying colors.

This project is moving forward rapidly and appearances are it'll continue that way.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Colors picked for the exterior

Report and photos by Dennis Casebier

Today was nice weather-wise and a productive day for Cordova & Co. The arrival of the Genie "lift" gave everyone a boost. It made for lots of good photos, too.

A highlight of the day was selection of colors for the exterior of the building. A committee consisting of Carol and Hugh Brown, Phil Motz, Dennis and Jo Ann Casebier, and anyone that happened to be standing around, made the selections.

The colors selected were picked to represent the old Santa Fe yellow with green trim. The final selections are YUMA GOLD and LUCKY CLOVER GREEN.
Mr. Cordova ordered the paint today. He'll be painting some portions of the building as early as next week.

Tomorrow, master backhoe operator Gail Andress, direct from Nelson, Nevada, will be digging the trench for the electrical conduit that will carry power from the new Power House to the Library Depot. This will be done under the direct supervision of head electrician Phil Motz with Dennis Casebier providing overall supervision and foreign policy.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Second story walls framed

Report and photos by Dennis Casebier

All four walls of the second story room of the Depot got framed today.

The Cordova Crew showed up at 7:00 AM. It was a cool 44 degrees on the front porch with a pretty stiff wind out of the northeast. The framers pounded away out there on the roof of the Depot end of the structure.

Mr. Cordova hopes to have the rafters up tomorrow and the plywood sheeting over the rafters by the end of the week. He may call for a "nail-shear" inspection this Wednesday, that being the day of the week inspectors come out here.

Phil Motz went to Mohave Valley with his little trailer today to pick up the conduit and other supplies (including wire) that will be needed to run electricity from our newly constructed Power House to the Library/Depot. Gail Andress is coming on Wednesday to dig the trench for the electrical line. Phil has hopes of having the conduit in place before he leaves one week from today.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Depot ceiling joists are in place

Report by Dennis Casebier

The truss truck arrived on schedule at about 7:00 AM. The driver unloaded the ceiling joists and the "boys" were quickly up on the second story floor of the Depot nailing stuff in place. Clear and cool out in the morning. About 36 degrees. No wind.

Phil, Jo Ann and I went up to the work site at just about sunset. Phil reports that by 9:30 AM all of the ceiling joists were all in place and after that the heavy plywood forming the floor was installed as was some kind of parapet around the outer edges at that level. That's about it for progress, but it is important "enabling" progress.

Now, beginning bright and early Monday morning, they can begin framing the second story of the Depot part of the building. That will change the skyline at Goffs for sure.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Freight House roof installed

Report by Dennis Casebier

Wow! With the roof installed yesterday, they can now remove the bracing throughout the Freight House thereby exposing the true size of the rooms. Neat. And these guys are doing a great job.

Tomorrow morning the ceiling joists for the depot are scheduled to arrive at 7:00 AM. Mr. Cordova tells me they plan to get the ceiling joists up tomorrow and also the floor on the second story room. Then they'll frame the upper floor on Monday and hence change the skyline of Goffs. This is exciting stuff.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Plywood and particle board cover the roof

Report and photos by Dennis Casebier

The workers arrived at 6:45 AM as usual. It was 32 degrees. No wind. Clear and sunny.

Looking through my office window I see they got the rafters up the whole length of the Freight House. Outriggers have been constructed by the framers to stand on while they put the facia board on the ends of the rafters. Then the sheeting will be put on the roof rafters. This business of forming the rafters and other roof parts is tedious and takes time.

Mr. Cordova said he thought they'd get the plywood and particle board up completely over the Freight House roof by the end of the day. It appeared he was right. There were six guys (counting Cordova) out there working on it; two teams of three each, one team on each side.

The ceiling joists for the two-story depot part are to be delivered Friday (day-after-tomorrow). Tomorrow, Dan expects to catch up on odds and ends and then Friday they'll get the ceiling joists in place so they'll be in a position to begin framing the second floor.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Work on the rafters continues

Report and photo by Dennis Casebier

The framers showed up at 6:45 AM this morning. The temperature was 32 degrees with very little if any breeze.

I could see out my window they were going to finish the rafters over the Freight House. They had run out of the big 2 X 10 boards for rafter material, but more were delivered late Monday.

It was mostly sunny out today with some filtered light through thin scattered clouds. The forecast is good for the next few days.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Composite board covers the Freight Building

Report and photo by Dennis Casebier

I reviewed progress on the construction site during my morning walk. The men were out there working away... saws buzzing and hammers flying. The hum of a compressor driving the nail guns fills in the background. It appears there were four workers out there to start, with General Contractor Dan Cordova arriving in the late morning.

Dan is increasingly optimistic he'll have the manufactured ceiling joists that go between the two floors of the building on Wednesday. The framers are putting the composite board sheeting on the first floor today after finishing that job on the Freight House.

It rained hard during the night and was 42 degrees out at 9:30 AM. No wind and mostly overcast, but there were patches of blue in the sky and patches of sunlight on the ground. The Hackberrys and New Yorks started off the morning with bright white snow. We hear on the news there was very heavy snow in Mountain Pass on I-15.

By early afternoon, most of the snow was gone from the Hackberrys but there's still snow on the Providence Mountains.

Friday, January 4, 2008

All the joists are up

Report and photo by Dennis Casebier

Mr. Cordova and crew worked away until about 1:00 pm today getting the rafters in place on the Freight House section before knocking off for the weekend. Just eye-balling it I'd say they've got about half the rafters and all the joists up.

The crew will be back to continue with the rafters early Monday morning. After that I believe they'll be putting the layer of composition board on top of the rafters.

This place is a beehive of activity. In addition to the contractor's crew we have quite a number of volunteers here right now working on various projects. There is a high level of esprit de corps that moved in as the dominant element of ambience when construction started.

It continues overcast and cool here. No wind.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

The skyline is changing in Goffs

Report and photos by Dennis Casebier

General Contractor Dan Cordova and a crew of six were here all day today working on the Library/Depot. They took care of a bunch of miscellaneous chores, but the main thrust was to put in the ceiling joists in the Freight House. They got all the ceiling joists in and more than one-third of the rafters.

The day was overcast and cold but not windy. More of the same weather is expected tomorrow when the crew will be back, but hopefully the threatened storm will let them finish out the week before breaking here.

The skyline is changing in Goffs.

Directors Phil Motz and Jo Ann Casebier check construction progress against the plans.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

First day back to work for 2008

Report by Dennis Casebier
Photo by Chris Ervin

General Contractor Dan Cordova and his crew were back and hard at work by 8:00 AM today. It is their plan to be here the rest of the week.

By the end of this week they plan to have the ceiling joists in place in the Freight House. Also, they may plan to have the rafters completed in the north end of the Freight House and maybe the plywood substitute covering the roof.