Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Plywood and particle board cover the roof

Report and photos by Dennis Casebier

The workers arrived at 6:45 AM as usual. It was 32 degrees. No wind. Clear and sunny.

Looking through my office window I see they got the rafters up the whole length of the Freight House. Outriggers have been constructed by the framers to stand on while they put the facia board on the ends of the rafters. Then the sheeting will be put on the roof rafters. This business of forming the rafters and other roof parts is tedious and takes time.

Mr. Cordova said he thought they'd get the plywood and particle board up completely over the Freight House roof by the end of the day. It appeared he was right. There were six guys (counting Cordova) out there working on it; two teams of three each, one team on each side.

The ceiling joists for the two-story depot part are to be delivered Friday (day-after-tomorrow). Tomorrow, Dan expects to catch up on odds and ends and then Friday they'll get the ceiling joists in place so they'll be in a position to begin framing the second floor.