Thursday, January 17, 2008

Second story rafters are in place

Report and photo by Dennis Casebier

The wind blew hard all night and the temperature dropped to about 27 degrees. There was a full inch of ice on the bird water this morning with the wind still blowing a gale.

I figued Cordova & Co. wouldn't come at all. But a little after 7:00 AM, when I looked up from my computer, I saw the truck had shown up and men moving around. I doubted they could work in that cold and wind chill. Nasty, nasty weather.

The workers stood on top of the Depot section looking like they were going to try to do the rafters. But then they thought better of that and moved inside the new building to paint the siding that was just delivered yesterday.

The wind began dying down after lunch and by about 1:00 PM it had faded enough that the Cordova Crew ceased their painting project and went back outside to finish the rafters over the second story of the Depot section.

That work is now done. All of the rafters are in place and the final appearance of that part of the Goffs skyline is taking shape. I expect, if the wind doesn't come up too bad tomorrow they'll get the plywood covering over that part of the roof. The sun came out (although filtered) late in the afternoon.

Good thing we got done what we did yesterday. Phil had hoped to pull wire today.