Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Colors picked for the exterior

Report and photos by Dennis Casebier

Today was nice weather-wise and a productive day for Cordova & Co. The arrival of the Genie "lift" gave everyone a boost. It made for lots of good photos, too.

A highlight of the day was selection of colors for the exterior of the building. A committee consisting of Carol and Hugh Brown, Phil Motz, Dennis and Jo Ann Casebier, and anyone that happened to be standing around, made the selections.

The colors selected were picked to represent the old Santa Fe yellow with green trim. The final selections are YUMA GOLD and LUCKY CLOVER GREEN.
Mr. Cordova ordered the paint today. He'll be painting some portions of the building as early as next week.

Tomorrow, master backhoe operator Gail Andress, direct from Nelson, Nevada, will be digging the trench for the electrical conduit that will carry power from the new Power House to the Library Depot. This will be done under the direct supervision of head electrician Phil Motz with Dennis Casebier providing overall supervision and foreign policy.