Monday, January 28, 2008

Wrapping the building

Report and photo by Dennis Casebier

It was 34 degrees with no wind on the front porch at 6:30 AM and by 7:35 it was pretty sunny. Some scattered clouds. No rain since yesterday morning.

The first contractor vehicle arrived at about 6:50 AM followed by a second one pulling the tool trailer 25 minutes later. I think I forgot to mention before that they took the tool trailer away with them when they left Thursday of last week.

I chatted with Contractor Cordova while they were "wrapping" the building. Once that is completed the crew plans to start putting on siding. They hope to have the siding in place this week. Also, Dan said he'll be bringing out a paint sprayer tomorrow morning and they'll spray paint under the eves. I took note of one worker up on the stairs this morning.

I asked if they planned to be here all week and he said yes. Then he added that he planned be here next week also and in fact to stick with it until it is completed.

A strong cold wind came up out of the northeast this afternoon. It is a miserable wind and I don't know how Dan and his crew are able to work against it. The temperature reached a good 50 this afternoon but the wind was so strong the chill factor must really reduced the comfort level.