Thursday, December 20, 2007

Framed walls go up

Report and photos by Dennis Casebier

The exciting news is that most if not all the framed walls of the Library/Depot are up. Dan Cordova and crew are here through tomorrow squaring it all up. Looks great. I have a wonderful view of the new building from my office window across Lanfair Road.

A lumber truck arrived this morning with the plywood to be used for the sheer panels.

The framing crew's progress almost ground to a halt mid-day. They needed the special heavy duty square washers for the anchor bolts and didn't have any. They are required by code. Mr. Cordova checked with Lowes and Home Depot yesterday evening and they didn't have any. A truck was coming out with the plywood so he asked the supplier to bring some out. They didn't have any either.

Goffians to the rescue! Once Dan told me what the problem was we produced a whole box of them within five minutes. Bill Fullerton [rest in peace] had squirreled them away in the metal cabinet behind the AT&T shed. So the crew was able to go foward and raise the walls.