Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Framing begins

Report by Dennis Casebier

It was a productive day today with things little less frantic than yesterday. General contractor Dan Cordova uses his own crew to do the framing. They showed up bright and early this morning (five of them altogether) and commenced working on the Library/Depot.

First, they went around marking out construction lines on the slab poured just yesterday. Then, they spent the rest of the day installing the treated wood (keeps termites away) bottom plate to the bolts that protrude above the concrete. It was music to our ears to hear the saws buzzing away. Tomorrow there is the prospect we'll hear hammers.

Mr. Cordova hopes – if the weather holds – he'll have the entire bottom floor framed by the end of this week. Unlike yesterday, there wasn't much for us locals to do except stand by and gaze on in amazement.