Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Roofers arrive!

The roofers arrived to this scene on the west side of the Freight Building roof.

Report by Dennis Casebier

It was a beautiful day all day today. The temperature was well over 80 degrees in the afternoon. I'm seeing ants beginning to clean out their nests, lizards scurrying around, and sparrows hurrying everywhere with nesting material.

The two electricians were here all day. They are nearly finished.

A man was here this afternoon to develop a bid to put in some security features on the new building.

Then late this afternoon, the roofing crew showed up under the direction of Fred Carrido of Alpine Roof Company. Gus and I went out to connect with him. Fred was determined to get started this afternoon.

He has brought some special material with him to put down on the roof to serve as an undercoat. It was late in the afternoon but they not only unloaded, but got up on the roof and started to work.

In fact, here at 5:30 PM they are still up on the roof working. They won't be able to work much more, but the days are getting longer. They are to come back tomorrow and Friday and plan to finish up next week.