Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Electrical wires strung

Report by Dennis Casebier
Photo by Chris Ervin

Fred Compton (Jr.), the electrician from C & S Electric has just finished stringing what he calls the "high voltage" wires, which is just ordinary stuff like plugs, switches, and outlets. He'll be doing the "low voltage" stuff tomorrow. That's the phone, data, and cable TV lines. He's coming right along and is expecting his father, Fred Compton (Sr.), to come along this evening with the low voltage supplies.

Steve Davis of Pacific Raingutters was here today. He looked things over and didn't see any problems. His plan is to go with aluminum gutters and down spouts. He'll bring a machine and sheet metal and manufacture what they need right on the spot. He left a color chart tacked to the wall in the north Freight House room. He plans to go with Forest Green which will more or less match the trim.