Monday, April 21, 2008

Interior walls are textured

Report by Dennis Casebier
Photos by Dennis Casebier and Chris Ervin

The "mudders" were here fairly early this morning. They've had their special mixer machine chugging away over there all day. Right now it is quiet. That's because they've finished! The mudding and texturing is done and they are now cleaning up. They won't be back tomorrow.

Also today Phil Motz and Gus Lind worked on the water system with the result that the new well and associated pressure tank are now on line. There is water pressure down to the edge of the Library/Depot. All Mr. Cordova will have to do to put water in the building is turn one valve at the edge of the building.

With the drywall and mudding done that means the interior of the building will be ready for painting. After the painting the electrical fixtures can be put on. After that flooring can be put down. We're rolling along!

The wind we had over the weekend has continued, although today it is somewhat diminished. The temperatures have continued warm.