Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Roofers on a catwalk

Report and photo by Dennis Casebier

It has been a nice, but busy day. The low was just below freezing overnight, enough to put a little ice on the bird water. But generally speaking the weather was nice all day.

The roofers showed up at about 10:00 AM. They come late and work late. For example, here it is 5:30 PM and I can look out my window across the street and they are still there. They are working on the high roof over the two story Depot. They don't have a lift so they are using ladders. It gives me the willies just to watch them. But they are getting the roof covered.

Tomorrow we are scheduled for what is called a "combo" inspection by the Department of Building and Safety of San Bernardino County. This includes an inspection of the electrical and a bunch of other stuff all at the same time. So, in the life of a construction project, this is exciting stuff.

Also the telecom guy is going to be here in the neighborhood on other business tomorrow, so we'll be chatting with him about phone lines for the new building.

John Harrington arrived back from his extended trip to Michigan and Florida. He'll be here until about the 17th of March when he plans to leave indefinitely. Hopefully he'll come back someday. It has been a joy to have him here. And he did a lot of good work. Highlights in his accomplishments are painting almost all the buildings and the construction of the Library/Depot model that so many have enjoyed seeing in the Schoolhouse and the top of this page.