Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Combo inspection

Report by Dennis Casebier

The temperature on the front porch was about 40 degrees at 6:15 AM. That's the good news. The bad news is that it was blowing a gale out there again. We had a one-day respite, yesterday.

The inspectors - Steve Given and Gary Given - showed up earlier than expected. John Harrington and I went out and stayed with them in the cold wind for the better part of two hours. Fortunately Dan Cordova, who fully intended to be here while the inspectors were here, showed up after the first hour or so. They did a pretty thorough inspection and found a few things that needed attention. In the end they signed off on the "combo" inspection. The next step will be insulation and then onward to drywall.

This was Gary Given's last inspection visit to our site due to his impending retirement. We reflected over the development that has taken place here over the past 18 years and he expressed himself proud of what has been accomplished.

In the midst of the inspection, the roofers arrived (to my amazement considering the wind storm), and began to work.

I didn't get to go off on my "morning" walk until about 5:00 PM this afternoon. By the time I got northward up to where I normally stop, the wind had quit. I did an about face and headed back down the hill. As I approached the fence line I thought sure I heard the sound of a nail gun. So I cut through the creosote bushes down to the construction site. By the time I got there it was nearly dark.

Sure enough, the roofers were up there putting the finishing touches on the east roof of the Freight House. I stopped and visited with them a bit and then came on home. It is heartening to see Americans working hard. And they are doing a good job, too. There are so many these days that want everything for nothing. They said they'll be back tomorrow to finish the roof over the depot. They wanted to know if I liked the way it looked. Of course we do. They, like every other one of the subcontractors hired by Dan Cordova have done excellent work.