Monday, September 8, 2008

O. A. Russell Collection delivered to Library

Report and photo by Dennis Casebier

The O. A. Russell Collection was delivered to Goffs from Tucson, AZ today by Chales A. Corder and his daughter Christine. Actually they arrived yesterday evening and were our house guests until about noon today.

Carol and Hugh were on hand to assist Jo Ann and I and the Corders in unloading. The collection is on flattened cardboards on the floor in the first floor of the Depot, except for a particular collection of negatives that are considered to be especially critical. Those have been removed to a file cabinet in the Court House.

Since we now have a collection of value in the Library/Depot, Hugh said he would activate the security system. We are scheduled to receive 48 file cabinets on Wednesday of this week. After they come we plan to relocate the Russell Collection into several of those cabinets for temporary storage and protection.