Sunday, August 24, 2008

Signs installed on the Library

Report by Chris Ervin
Photos by Leslie and Chris Ervin
Historic images courtesy of Mojave Desert Archives

Starting yesterday, with most of the work done today, Chris Ervin installed four of the five "historic" depot signs on the new Library/Depot. A "GOFFS" depot station sign was centered on the bay window as well as on the far (south) end of the Freight House.

Historic (above) and new bay window GOFFS station sign (below).

A 30-inch square "Santa Fe" herald was also installed on the north end of the two-story Depot building just above a 60-inch long "GOFFS" station sign.

Historic (above) and new Depot signs (below).

To be historically correct, another "Santa Fe" herald needs to be installed on the Freight House, but a special mounting bracket will need to be fashioned before that can happen.

Historic (above) and new Freight House sign (below).

All of these signs are modern reproductions based on historic photos and artifacts found on Ebay. As mentioned in a previous post, MDHCA president Steve Mongrain arranged for the fabrication of the signs and their donation by Vegas Valley Business Forms. They are nice accents for the Library built in the image of the original Goffs Railway Depot and are sure to attract attention.