Wednesday, October 4, 2006

New building designer plan review

Report by Dennis Casebier

Building Designer Paul Geissinger and wife Shari were here for three hours. After lunch John Harrington and I met in the Schoolhouse with Paul and went thoroughly through the draft of Library/Depot plans that Leggetts prepared and which Chris forwarded to us a few days ago.

Without going into specifications, the bottom line is that this isn't going to be difficult. Mr. Geissinger plans to have a revised form of the plans ready to discuss by Friday 13 October 2006. They will be reviewed by John Harrington and any Board members that want to join in.

There'll be a fee for certification by an engineer he works with. Also there'll be a fee for someone to do the heating and energy calculations.

Once the plans are completed, we'll have to take them to a truss manufacturer (one of the few things they have in Needles - I've done this before) and get truss calculations.

Then the plans go to the building inspector and he reviews and approves them and issues a permit.

John Harrington has decided to delay his trip to Michigan so he can participate in the plan review that will result in completion of the next draft by Friday 13 October 2006.